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Colo Rctal / Gastrointestinal Surgery Clinic  

Colo  Rctal  / Gastrointestinal Surgery Clinic


This  Clinic  provide  a  diagnosis,treatment  and  taking  care  of  Colo-rctal  patients.According  to  the  Petcharat  Hospital  attention,Specialized  clinic  of  Colo-rctal  was   established.We  sincerely  care  the  patients  in  every  detail.


►Clinic Day

Tuesday - Thursday  04.00 pm. - 08.00 pm.

Second Saturday Of month ,Four Sunday of Month 04.00 pm. - 08.00 pm.

Friday 05.00 pm. - 08.00 pm.


Dr.Taweesak Trivej

Dr.Kriangsak Ittitponpaisarn

Dr.Mathana Peamjid


Contact : Out Patient Department / Surgery Clinic / floor 1

Tel : 032-417-070-9 Ext. 1377

Email : info@petcharat-hospital.com